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When you require affordable and top-quality roofing services, turn to The Roofing Guys. We have a large selection of shingles and sidings in multiple colors to suit all your style needs. Give your home a new look by opting our roofing services! Call us at 315-558-9511 for your FREE estimate. Ask about our 10-year LEAK-FREE warranty.
The way I found The Roofing Guys is on Angie’s List. I saw the amazing reviews that The Roofing Guys had and decided to call them. Mike Flynn (the owner) answered the phone and gave me a very fair and reasonable estimate. If you want a GOOD ROOFING COMPANY; You better use The Roofing Guys.

These guys are top-notch. Mike, as the owner, is always there to answer the phone and is always at the job site. He answered all of my questions and his crew is second to none. They don't play games. They showed up at 7:30 am as promised with a crew of over 7 (didn't count exactly because there were so many of them). These guys were on cruise control; they ripped all the layers off in a day; put up the plywood; and wrap, etc.

I would definitely use The Roofing Guys again. Mike Flynn is very knowledgeable, professional and an all-around good person. I had no anxiety or worries at all dealing with The Roofing Guys. They did as they said they would do. The finished product is amazing.

As an investor with many properties; I deal with a lot of contractors. I give Mike Flynn and The Roofing Guys an A+++++++++.

- Eric Ramos

The overall experience was exceedingly well. They were highly organized and professional. The customer came first in every respect. They were very careful to cover everything that could have been damaged. The job was completed in one day. Everyone had their own job to do. The dumpster they used has its own wheels so it didn't damage the driveway so there were no marks left. They insisted in a slow walk around to make sure I was happy with the job done.

- Derek Hill

The Roofing Guys met and exceeded all of our expectations. They arrived at our house right on time with a large crew and all the equipment and supplies needed to complete the project. The crew was very organized and efficient - everyone knew their jobs and they communicated well amongst themselves and also informed me of the work progress at every step.

On the day of the project, there was a threat of thunderstorms and rain, but their supervisor kept track of the weather patterns and they adjusted their work tasks accordingly. Due to the nature of the project, safety was a big concern of mine, but they used the proper equipment and procedures to minimize any safety hazards. Everyone on the work crew was hard working and cordial, and they went about their business in a manner that demonstrated that they had completed many similar projects.

Their supervisor was on site for the duration of the project to ensure that all work was done to our satisfaction and to provide any assistance needed by the work crew. At the end of the work, the crew did a very thorough job of removing all debris from the lawn and landscaping around the house. They also did an excellent job coordinating the work of the seamless gutter installation crew, so that there were no delays or interference.

Bottom line - The Roofing Guys delivered everything they promised (rare to see these days) and, despite the unfavorable weather conditions, the work was completed safely, efficiently, and with high quality. I highly recommend The Roofing Guys for your roofing and gutter installation projects!

- Craig Butler

When I first called for an estimate they were very responsive and I had an appointment set up within minutes for a Sunday to get an estimate. I was impressed they were available on the weekend because we got our estimate in hand asap, and it was helpful to get it done when we were not busy with work. Because their price was extremely competitive and the reviews here on Angie's List are so excellent, we decided to go with them for our new roof right away. We were not disappointed!

They had us scheduled within a week and arrived right when they said they would the first morning and got right to work. It was impressive how much they had done so quickly. They set up tarps all around the house to catch the old shingles and to protect our home and landscaping. Mike Flynn, the owner, arrived with the rest of the team and gave me a quick overview of their plan for the day and what to expect. He was here the entire time overseeing everything which was reassuring.

The entire job took two full days. It is a really big and complicated roof! They had a really large team of guys with everyone having a job. They worked together so well! There were guys constantly walking the perimeter cleaning up, hauling the debris to their dumpster, and bringing supplies to the guys on the roof. There was ZERO standing around, goofing off, or wasting time. We had a little rain overnight between the two days of the job and they made sure everything was sealed up and water tight while they were gone.

The 2nd day, the new roof really started to take shape and look awesome. They were again very efficient, no messing around. It's really impressive that they were able to get that much work done in just two days. When it was all finished, they had us come out to take a look and it was like we had a new house! It was suggested that we use green shingles, and we went with that, and I am so glad we did. Our house looks amazing.

They cleaned up everything around the house meticulously. They used a large magnet to pick up any possible nails left behind on the ground. I even heard one guy being instructed to go around our kids swing set an extra time to just to be safe and make sure no stray nails. Every thing was left just how they found it. It was like they were never here except for the gorgeous new roof on our house!!

Mike Flynn and The Roofing Guys truly go above and beyond when it comes to customer service and giving customers the best value for their money. I recommend them without hesitation!

- Daniel Taylor

New roof. They showed up on time with about six trucks and trailers plus a big dumpster. There were 15 guys and they all had jobs to do and they all worked together well. This was a real pro team. Everything was cleaned up at the end of the job. I would highly recommend The Roofing Guys.

- William Mosley

The process was professional and performed as per estimate. Workers were courteous. No delays. The company was flexible in weather considerations. They took measures to protect the shrubbery and were very thorough in cleaning up after the job. Definitely, would recommend them.

- Jill Robinson

Mike and his crew are the best. There's a reason why so many individuals give this company an "A" rating. A competitor came by and tried to sway me away from The Roofing Guys; but I didn't listen and I'm so glad I didn't. The crew arrived at my house early on a Saturday morning and by late afternoon, I had a new roof on my new house. Mike told me that I couldn't wait until winter and he guided me all the way. I would highly recommend this company!

- Debbie Andrews

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