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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

Excellent Roofing and Siding Services

Need to get a new roof for your home? Discuss your requirements with the team at The Roofing Guys and we'll handle the rest. You can also expect us to take care of your siding and shingle needs. Take a look at our FAQs for more information!

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Is your company insured?
Yes, we are insured with both workers' compensation and general liability insurance. We will provide you with insurance certificates upon request.

How long will the job take?
Usually, all jobs are done within one day due to our large highly skilled crew. However, it may take longer depending on weather conditions.

Will my home and personal belongings be protected from falling roofing debris?
Yes, we tarp off all areas that will have roof debris dropped on. We also hang a tarp from your roof to the ground to protect your siding. We ask that prior to the installation though, that you clear your driveway and remove any belongings from the area surrounding your house.

Will all debris be cleaned up?
Yes, all debris will be cleaned up and put into a dumpster. Then we will run a nail rake (big magnet) through your yard and driveway to be sure that no nails are being left behind.

Will the dumpster damage my driveway and how long will it be there?
No, the dumpster we bring with us is on wheels similar to a vehicle's, so no damage will be done to your driveway. The dumpster will not be in your driveway longer than we are. We bring the dumpster the day of us starting the job and remove it the day we finish.

How do you ensure the safety of your workers?
In addition to every employee being OSHA 10-hour certified, we also have a Safety Supervisor on every single job-site who ensures the crew is in compliance with OSHA safety regulations.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Upon completion of job and final walk around with the foreman to make sure everything is up to your satisfaction, we accept cash, check, and most major credit cards. Also, at the time of the estimate, you can sign up for financing with your estimator or even sign up yourself through the Green Sky Financing link on our website.
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